SDET - Automation

2-4 years experience, Bangalore

Required skills

Java, Python, SWIFT

What makes you a great fit for this role

You're awesome at

  • Designing and writing test automation scripts
  • Using test automation frameworks
  • Identifying software application weaknesses and target areas.
  • Sketching out ideas for automated software test procedures.
  • Reviewing software bug reports and highlighting problem areas.
  • Writing automation scripts and implementing software applications.

You'll be improving & responsible for

  • Investigating problems in software as a result of testing
  • Working with QA analysts and software developers to find solutions
  • Meeting with the software design team to discuss verification protocols.
  • Designing and installing software databases.
  • Troubleshooting automation software and finalizing system procedures.
  • Identifying quality issues and creating test reports.
  • Collaborating with the design team to solve application faults

Desired experience

  • 2-4 years of experience in Automating app and software testing
  • Good understanding of version control principles, preferably using git.

Desired skills

  • Programming languages, such as Python/Java/Javascript.
  • Mathematical aptitude and strong problem-solving skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • An understanding of the latest trends and their role in a commercial environment
  • Self-development skills to keep up to date with fast-changing trends

Academic qualifications

Bachelors/ Masters in Computer Science or allied fields

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