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Embedded Software Engineer

3-5 years experience, Bangalore

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Required Skills

  • AWS, Linux, Python, Yocto.

What makes you a great fit for this role

You'll be improving & responsible for

  • Ownership of the bootloader, kernel, rootfs software on the crib.
  • Implementation and maintenance of crib related services.
  • IoT messaging between crib, cloud, and mobile devices.
  • Low latency video streaming.
  • Sensor data processing.
  • Device health and statistics.
  • OTA update management.
  • Optimization and acceleration of AI and vision algorithms running on the crib.
  • Secure boot and key management.

Desired experience

  • 2+ years of experience in Linux/embedded.
  • Good understanding and experience with C.
  • Good understanding of operating systems.
  • Good understanding of basic data structures and algorithms.
  • Experience in writing and tweaking device drivers.
  • Experience in python and bash scripting.
  • Good understanding of version control principles, preferably using git.

Desired skills

  • Experience with Linux command-line tools.
  • Prior experience with IoT devices.
  • Experience working on python projects.
  • Strong network programming fundamentals.
  • Experience working with AWS cloud.
  • Prior experience with embedded Linux rootfs management (Yocto/Buildroot etc.)
  • Basic familiarity with the web technologies like REST API, MQTT, and other server-side principles.

Academic qualifications

  • Bachelors / Masters in Computer Science or allied fields.

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