TV moms everyone loves: Our top 12 picks for Mother’s Day 2024


When is Mother’s Day 2024?

Mother’s Day 2024 is on 12 May 2024.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a list of our favorite TV moms. From Joyce Byers’s resilient determination to Lorelai Gilmore’s hilarious antics, television has gifted us with an array of unforgettable mothers who’ve made their way into our living rooms—and our hearts.

These iconic TV moms have not only raised their on-screen families but have also influenced generations of viewers, offering laughter, tears, and invaluable life lessons along the way.

As we celebrate these remarkable characters, let’s dive into why these TV moms have become everyone’s favorite maternal figures, shaping how we view motherhood in the reel and real worlds alike. Grab your favorite snack and settle in as we pay homage to the mothers of television who have mastered the art of keeping both their fictional homes and our real-world spirits uplifted.

Here are our top 12 picks of TV moms that everyone loves:

1. Claire Dunphy from “Modern Family”

Claire Dunphy, portrayed by the talented Julie Bowen in “Modern Family,” is the epitome of the modern-day supermom. With her unwavering dedication to her family and her penchant for keeping things under control (well, most of the time), Claire navigates the complexities of parenthood with humor and grace.

From her hilarious attempts at maintaining order in the chaotic Dunphy household to her touching moments of vulnerability, Claire reminds us that motherhood is as much about embracing the messiness of life as it is about striving for perfection.

2. Lorelai Gilmore from “Gilmore Girls”

In the charming town of Stars Hollow, there’s no one quite like Lorelai Gilmore, brought to life by the incomparable Lauren Graham.

As a single mom with a quick wit and a penchant for coffee, Lorelai shares an unbreakable bond with her daughter, Rory. From their rapid-fire banter to their heartfelt conversations over a slice of pie at Luke’s Diner, Lorelai embodies the true essence of maternal love and being best friends with your kid. Whether navigating the ups and downs of romance or offering sage advice to her daughter Rory, Lorelai’s infectious spirit and unwavering devotion make her a beloved TV mom for the ages.

3. Dr. Rainbow Johnson from “Black-ish”

As an accomplished anesthesiologist and loving mother of five, Dr. Rainbow Johnson, played by the radiant Tracee Ellis Ross, effortlessly balances her career with her family life in the hit sitcom “Black-ish.” 

Bow navigates the complexities of a multicultural family with humor, grace, and intelligence. Her efforts to maintain her cultural identity while ensuring her children appreciate their diverse heritage add depth to her character. Her portrayal brings a refreshing depiction of motherhood, filled with love, laughter, and invaluable life lessons.

4. Rebecca Pearson in “This is Us”

Rebecca Pearson, portrayed by Mandy Moore in “This Is Us,” embodies the multifaceted nature of motherhood with grace and complexity.

Throughout the series, Rebecca navigates the intricacies of raising triplets, each with their unique struggles, while also dealing with her own personal and marital challenges. Her journey through different stages of life—from the youthful vigor of early motherhood to the reflective wisdom of her later years—offers a deep, nuanced portrayal of a woman devoted to her family despite the inevitable ups and downs.

5. Clair Huxtable from “The Cosby Show”

Clair Huxtable from “The Cosby Show,” portrayed with elegance by Phylicia Rashad, stands as a television icon who masterfully balanced life as a successful lawyer and a devoted mother. 

Her ability to impart wisdom with warmth and wit nurtured her on-screen family and left a lasting impression on viewers. Clair’s role broke new ground by depicting a Black woman who was both a nurturing mother and professional, challenging stereotypical narratives and setting a benchmark for TV moms everywhere. Her enduring appeal lies in her blend of discipline, humor, and unconditional love, making her a beloved figure in TV history.

6. Morticia Addams from “The Addams Family”

In the delightfully macabre world of “The Addams Family,” Morticia Addams reigns supreme as the queen of all things spooky and stylish. Played with eerie elegance by various actresses over the years, including Carolyn Jones and Anjelica Huston, Morticia is the epitome of maternal poise and grace. With her dark sense of humor and unwavering devotion to her family, Morticia reminds us that true love knows no bounds – even when you’re a member of the creepiest family on the block.

7. Sophia Petrillo from “The Golden Girls”

Picture it: Miami, 1985. In the iconic sitcom “The Golden Girls,” Estelle Getty steals the show as Sophia Petrillo, the sassy and lovable matriarch of the eclectic group of roommates.

With her sharp wit and an endless supply of one-liners, Sophia keeps her daughters and their friends on their toes – and audiences in stitches – with her hilarious anecdotes and no-nonsense attitude. From her memorable Sicilian curses to her heartwarming moments of vulnerability, Sophia Petrillo proves that age is just a number when it comes to being a beloved TV mom.

8. Kitty Forman from “That ’70s Show”

In the groovy world of “That ’70s Show,” Debra Jo Rupp shines as Kitty Forman, the quintessential TV mom with a heart of gold and a penchant for baking cookies. With her warm smile and infectious laugh, Kitty embodies the spirit of 1970s suburbia as she navigates the ups and downs of raising a teenage son and his group of misfit friends.

Whether she’s dispensing words of wisdom over the kitchen table or offering a comforting hug in times of need, Kitty Forman reminds us that the true meaning of family is found in the moments we share and the love we give.

9. Joyce Byers from “Stranger Things”

In the thrilling world of “Stranger Things,” Winona Ryder delivers a powerhouse performance as Joyce Byers, a determined mother on a mission to find her missing son in the face of supernatural forces.

From her frantic search through the Upside Down to her unwavering belief in the impossible, Joyce’s fierce love and unwavering determination make her a force to be reckoned with in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. Joyce Byers proves that a mother’s love knows no bounds – even in the face of the unknown.

10. Carmela Soprano from “The Sopranos”

In the gritty world of “The Sopranos,” Edie Falco delivers a nuanced portrayal of Carmela Soprano, the strong-willed matriarch of the Soprano crime family. With her steely resolve and unwavering loyalty to her husband, Tony, Carmela navigates the treacherous waters of organized crime with grace and poise.

Carmela’s complex character reminds us that the line between right and wrong is often blurred – but the love of a mother for her children remains steadfast and true.

11. Marilla in “Anne With An E”

Marilla Cuthbert, the stern yet deeply loving guardian from Anne With An E, captures the hearts of viewers with her complex transformation throughout the series.

Initially perceived as rigid and austere, Marilla’s character unfolds into a nurturing, supportive figure as she navigates the challenges of raising Anne Shirley, an imaginative and spirited orphan. Marilla’s journey from skepticism to wholehearted acceptance of Anne’s quirks and dreams reflects a poignant narrative about the power of unconditional love and the unexpected joys of motherhood. Her resilience and evolving understanding make her a cherished TV mom, illustrating that family goes beyond blood ties.

12. Moira in “Schitt’s Creek”

Moira Rose, portrayed by Catherine O’Hara in Schitt’s Creek, is a fabulously eccentric and endlessly quotable character who redefines what it means to be a TV mom. With her extravagant outfits and a vocabulary as colorful as her wigs, Moira brings a unique flair to motherhood in the small town of Schitt’s Creek. Despite her initial superficiality and dramatic flair, Moira shows profound growth in her relationship with her children, Alexis and David.

Her journey from a self-involved socialite to a supportive and caring mother—albeit with her own quirky twist—is both heartwarming and hilarious. Moira’s character delivers both comedy and moments of genuine connection that reveal her deep love and commitment to her family, making her one of television’s most beloved and distinctive moms.

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