How to swaddle a baby like a pro— A step-by-step guide


Swaddling cocoons the baby and gives them a secure feeling. It just adds more hours of sleep to your wiggly baby.

Swaddling is a skill that you might want to practice before you have the baby.

Here’s a swaddling technique that will keep the most wiggly babies snug.

Step 1: Fold a soft muslin cloth from one corner to form a small triangle

Step 2: Place the baby in the center

Step 3: Hold one arm of the baby. Fold one side over the baby.

Step 4: Tuck the cloth under the baby’s body.

Step 5: Hold the other arm and fold the swaddling cloth over the baby.

Step 6: Lift the baby and tuck the cloth below.

Step 7: Pull the lower part of the cloth and fold it up near the shoulder.

Step 8: Roll the loose end over the leg.

Step 9: Tie both loose ends to form a know.

Step 10: Your baby is swaddled and ready for a good nap.


Q: How long to swaddle a baby per day?

A: The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends swaddling babies for 12 – 20 hours per day in the first few weeks.

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