60+ of the most creative and clever pregnant Halloween costumes 🤰🏻


October is the month of fun, frolic, and laughter. The fresh autumn air and the dark colors are all so warm and inviting for anyone who loves the pumpkin season. It is also the spookiest time of the year as the wait to put on our Halloween costumes has finally arrived!

Oh, how we missed the costumes, candies, and parties. Going back home to our families and spending quality time is our favorite thing to do this festival season. What is your favorite holiday activity?

If you are an expecting mom during this time of the year, you are lucky! We have gathered some maternity Halloween costume ideas that you can put together at the last minute. Whether you want to give off the cute, quirky, or spooky vibes, we’ve got it all! So get ready to dress up and rock your baby bump all the way through.

The cutest maternity halloween costumes

DIY pumpkin t-shirt:

This cute pumpkin t-shirt is effortless and easy to make. If you want to slip into something comfy and show your holiday spirit at the same time, then this is for you. All you have to do is cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth from a black chart and glue it into an orange t-shirt—you’ve got a cute pregnant lady costume ready!

Chain chomp:

This chain chomp t-shirt is another easy DIY project you can make at the last minute. All you need is a black t-shirt, white and red color sheets, and a metal belt.


This chef’s costume requires you to literally not buy anything new. Throw on the apron, gloves, and hat from the kitchen.

Kinder joy:  

Kinder surprise takes us all back to childhood. Adding a big bow to the hair really brought this lookout!

Dino and egg:

The whole Dino and the egg looks very fun and carefree. Which is what we are aiming to be! The outfit is also easy to make. Grab some paints and get ready to color up your boring white t-shirt.

Kangaroo with a pouch:

This kangaroo outfit is perfect for all those pregnant mamas who want to be the talk of the party. This is one of the cutest pregnant Halloween costumes!

Bump ahead: 

This costume never gets old for all those expecting mamas during the fall season.

Pumpkin patch:

You can never go wrong with the good old pumpkin patch costume. All you need is a black dress and some orange color papers to go—and you have a cute pregnant Halloween costume ready.

Milkman and maid: 

This milkman and the maid is one of the oldest and cutest outfits you will find for pregnant couples’ Halloween costumes this year.

Watermelon : 

This is a great DIY. You can simply paint a watermelon on a black t-shirt and rock this Halloween. Grab green, red, and yellow paints to finish this look.

Avocado and toast: 

This simple pregnant couple Halloween costume is when you want to look like you have made an effort to dress up this fall. This easy-to-do costume requires some colored charts, a pair of scissors, and glue to get you going this pumpkin season. Just like that, your Halloween costume is ready!


This name says it all! This castaway costume literally doesn’t require you to put in any effort. Just throw on some old clothes with your boo, and there you go! The Easiest last-minute maternity costume for those last-minute parties.

Beach ball:

This is probably the cutest maternity Halloween outfit you can wear. It is very easy to make with just a few pieces of paper and your favorite beachwear. This outfit really brings out your beautiful baby bump to be the talk of the party.

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Character-based Halloween costumes


Get ready to crack some jokes on catching Pokémon around the party place! This cute but simple outfit does not need much effort and is very easy to pull on at the last minute.

Winnie the Pooh:

This maternity Winnie the Pooh costume is the cutest thing you can wear on Halloween this year. Add a big bow on the top of your head to make your outfit shine.

Thomas the train: 

We love this sweet nostalgia trip of our favorite Thomas and the Train couple’s costume. Again, very easy to make with a couple of clothes.

Thing 1 and thing 2: 

This very Christmassy Dr. Seuss’s Thing 1 and Thing 2 is all you need to lift your spirits.

Kool aid bump:

How cute is this Kool-Aid bump? And again this can be done at the last minute with the help of an old red t-shirt and some chart paper.

Kool aid man:

This Kool-Aid kit just needs some chart paper and glue to get you going this Halloween.

Hickory Dickory Dock: 

This couple sticking to the classic rhymes is all the energy we need this pumpkin season.


This adorable Leprechaun costume is all you need to wear to show that pot of gold.

Scary mommy outfits

Zombie baby: 

Get ready to wear the scariest maternity outfits this Halloween with this zombie baby costume. This costume just needs some fake blood and a pair of plastic baby hands with glue. Have fun making your Halloween costume this year.

Skeleton T-shirt: 

This skeleton t-shirt is all you need to give out the spooky vibes. Cut out the shapes onto white paper and glue them to your black t-shirt. Nothing quite says Halloween like a pregnant skeleton costume!

Skeleton crew: 

This couple’s costume is all set to make you the star of your Halloween party. Just paint the shapes onto your black jumpsuit, and you are set to go! You can also paint a small heart or baby on your bump to add that cuteness factor to your outfit.


This mummy costume looks like a lot of effort but is very simple. Wrap yourself loosely with a long cotton cloth and secure with safety pins. Cut out the eyes from color sheets and place them on the side of your bump to elevate your look.

Scary unicorn:

Turn your favorite unicorn into something scary by sticking a painted cone on your baby bump and pouring on some fake blood. You can also add a wig and some light makeup to up your look.

Stuffed scarecrow:

This is an easy DIY for all those last-minute outfit ideas. All you have to do is wear a gray oversized overall. Add some makeup, and you are all set to spook the town with minimal effort.

Scary pumpkin: 

You can spook up your Halloween with this orange t-shirt and pants. Cut out and stick the eyes, nose, and mouth to your outfit. Add on some black makeup to get you party ready!

Scary mask: 

You can pull off this scary costume by adding this scary mask and fake blood. You can also DIY this mask on white paper.

Outfits inspired by TV shows

The Handmaid’s Tale: 

Blessed be thy day! This year, have a spooky Halloween by wearing a red gown and white cap.

Cut out white paper to make the cap. Put together your Halloween costume for this fall easily! This is a popular pregnant costume idea.

La Casa De Papel: 

Rock this Halloween with Netflix’s hit series, money heist couples costumes. All you have to do is wear a turtleneck and a long black skirt to finish your look.


Who can go to a Halloween party without a costume from the iconic Game of Thrones series? This outfit is a very easy DIY to make with white paints and a red t-shirt. Wear a leather jacket on top to elevate the look. It really doesn’t take much to have an amazing Halloween costume!

Outfits inspired by movies

The Red Balloon:

This costume is from the movie “The Red Balloon.” Get ready to dress up as a family this Halloween. This is again an easy DIY. All you have to do is stick a round red paper onto your baby bump on a black t-shirt.

The trolls: 

Get ready for this chic Halloween look for this fall. Add on some wigs, tie them on top, and secure them with hairspray.

The Addams Family: 

Dress up as the Addams family for this Halloween. This is one of the costumes that never gets old. And you do not have to do much to get this look. All you have to do is straighten your hair and wear an all-black dress.

Violet and the Oompa Loompas: 

This popular pregnancy costume of Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the one to turn heads this Halloween.

Harry Potter: 

Who doesn’t remember the infamous Harry Potter movies? Get ready for the magical ride this Halloween by dressing up as a character from Harry Potter. Write the letters on a t-shirt with a black marker and fish out a long black robe and round-framed glasses.

The IT:

The movie IT sure sent us all some super creepy and spine-chilling experiences. This couple’s costume will definitely get on the list of best costumes with minimal effort. Just paint a red balloon shape on your baby bump and add a red wig and nose for the extra effect. Get ready to spook your friends and family with this Halloween costume!


Another costume for all the Harry Potter fans is this couple’s costume of the infamous sport of Quidditch. Paint a golden ball on a t-shirt above your baby bump. Make a pair of wings using white chart paper and stick them to the sides of the ball.

Nature-based outfits


This fun aquarium costume is sure to make all the heads turn at the Halloween party this year. 


The perfect costume for all those moms who want to be comfy but also want to enjoy the sparkle of the season. Throw on a comfortable off-shoulder top and loose pants. You can paint over your bump for the extra effect and add some jewelry.


This goddess maternity Halloween costume is all you need to talk about mother earth and nature. This one is sure to get people at the party talking about your cause and your cute bump.


The giraffe and zookeeper couples costume is all you need to convey a message on animal cruelty.

Mother Earth: 

Think about the Halloween costume with a cause, and people would go for this mother earth costume. A way of paying respect to all our roots have given us.

Pumpkin seeds: 

This cute couple’s costume is again a very easy DIY. You can pull this off for those last-minute ideas. Throw on an orange cap, an orange vest, and an orange fanny pack to get this look.

Outfits for the family

Night sky:

This night sky costume is for all those mamas who do not want to go all out with their baby bump this Halloween.

Spaghetti and meatballs: 

We cannot get over this cute trio of spaghetti and meatball costumes! This again does not need much work and is perfect for those last-minute outfits.

Winnie the pooh:

We can’t take our eyes off this family of Winnie the Pooh. The costume is super cute and easy to pull off for pregnant moms.

Let me out:

This spooky costume is for those mamas who want it light and easy. Simply put a baby doll under your t-shirt and cut some holes for the arms and legs to stick out. And you are done!

Oven and bun maker: 

This oven and bun maker couple’s costume is all we need to crush on this beautiful family. Cut out the shapes for the oven and put it over you. To get this fancy and fun look.


This is a delight for all gamer couples to dress up in.

Artistic family:

This cool family look is easy to pull off and makes you the cutest couple in town.

The boo crew: 

This skeleton costume is again the talk of your Halloween party if you decide to go with it. Wear an orange top to blend in the pumpkin season and use body paints to draw out the shapes of the skeleton.

Creative outfits

Robber and bag of money: 

This couple’s costume of a robber and a bag of money is perfect for flaunting that baby bump. A very easy DIY that can be made with cloth and a bit of stitching.

The Dodgers: 

Gather up for the games with this cute Dodgers couples costume. All you need is good painting skills and a blue outfit to go!

Gumball machine:

This gumball machine costume is one of the fanciest outfits on the list! It looks like a lot of work but is actually very effortless. Just stick a couple of plastic balls on your t-shirt over your bump!

Mama bird:

This Mama bird costume is the one if you want to go all out with your baby bump this Halloween. Although this looks complicated, all you have to do is get a waterslide tube and cover it with cutout paper to look like grass. Cut out the shape of a nose and paint a golden egg on your baby bump.

Chicago Cubs: 

This Chicago Cubs couples costume is our favorite one of all the sports costumes. What better way to show off that cute bump?

Sci-fi themed outfits

Space family: 

This costume is set to make all your sci-fi dreams come true. You can dress up with your whole family.

Astronaut monster: 

This astronaut monster costume is to fulfill all your space dreams and at the same time bring in the Halloween vibes.

Ninja turtles: 

This couple’s costume is for the turtle’s fans. You will never get tired of this very quirky costume.


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