Celebrating your mom’s first Mother’s Day as a grandmother


Mother’s Day takes on a whole new meaning when you become a mom. It’s a celebration of you and all the wonderful ways you care for your sweet new baby, but it’s also a chance to celebrate your own mom, who has the brand new title of grandma

Motherhood makes us reflect on just how much our mothers did for us (“oh, I get it now, Mom”), and this is our chance to let them know how much we appreciate them.

So if you’re looking for unique and thoughtful Mother’s Day ideas for grandmas, we get it. Here are 13 Here are 13 ways to wish your mom a happy first Mother’s Day as a grandma. 

1. Birthstone jewelry

For the grandma that loves jewelry, create a custom piece using the birthstones for you, your baby, and her (Etsy for the win here). To really pull at the heartstrings, get three of the same piece; one for her, one for you, and one for the baby when they grow up. 

2. Pressed flowers

Instead of a bouquet that will wither in a few days, try drying or pressing flowers. Find out what the birth month flowers are for you, your mom, and your baby. Press them in a notebook with books on top for extra weight; just be careful, as the flowers will stain the notebook paper.

After a day or two, remove the flowers and let them dry out completely. Then get creative! You could frame them, use them on the cover of a photo album, or create a custom Mother’s Day card. If the flowers will be exposed to air, paint a layer or two of clear sealer over them to keep them safe. 

3. Strike a pose

Recreate a photo of you and your mom from your childhood. See if you can find similar outfits and pose just like you did back then. Or, take a photo with your baby (yes, you have to be in it) at a sentimental place: Outside the house where you grew up, leaving the same hospital where you were born, or romping at the playground where your mom used to take you.  

4. Remembered wisdom

Let your mom know that you remember the wisdom she shared with you as you grew up. Write down a few things she taught you that you now think about often, or incorporate into your parenting, and send her a letter of thanks for helping make you a better parent with her advice. 

5. Anything with baby handprints

There are few things sweeter than little baby handprints or footprints—they transform any regular object into a sentimental masterpiece. Get some non-toxic paint, dip those little toes in it, and start crafting (being mindful of your baby’s strong desire to put said little toes into their mouth).

To make it extra personal, try choosing objects that relate to Grandma’s interests. Does she carry a laptop for work? Put some handprints on a laptop case. Does she love to cook? Footprints on an apron would be adorable. 

6. Food that celebrates both of you

When in doubt, food is always the answer. If a special brunch or dinner will be part of your own Mother’s Day celebration, consider inviting your mom along. Find a way to honor her at the brunch, like making a toast or giving her a simple gift.

7. Matching mother-daughter tattoos

For something a bit bolder (and a lot more permanent), treat your mom to matching mother-daughter tattoos. Some ideas include each other’s birth month flowers, a word written in the other person’s handwriting, or anything symbolic and sentimental between the two of you.

8. Tickets

If you want to splurge on a grandma who doesn’t live close by, send her a plane or train ticket for a visit. If you don’t know the exact dates of the trip, you could give her a symbolic gift instead of actual tickets; maybe a luggage tag that says “On my way to see my grandchild.”

9. Long-distance coffee date

If traveling is not in the cards right now, you can still find ways to spend time together and to let your mom know that distance does not compromise your relationship. Send her a coffee mug, and then plan a FaceTime coffee date. 

10. Fun outing

Ultimately, the thing we all really want is to spend more time with the people we love. Plan a fun outing for you and your mom—a spa day, a trip to the movie theater, a paint and wine class, or simply grab a cup of coffee and walk around a beautiful park. Anything that allows the two of you to connect and bond.

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