Family brands to support for Pride Month


There are plenty of ways to celebrate Pride Month, but shopping LGBTQIA+-owned parenting businesses is a meaningful way to show your support. We looked around for some of the best LGBTQIA+ – owned family and parenting brands, so you can instill inclusive values in your family and take home a bunch of fun stuff. Here are a few of our favorite brands that can help you put your money where your pride flag is. 

Little Pickle Memories

Instagram: @littlepicklememories

Shop: Little Pickle Memories

Co-founders Emma and Omie had a hard time finding a baby book that catered to their two-mom family, so they decided to create their own: the Little Pickle Memories’ Baby Memory Book!

This baby book does away with the terms Mom and Dad, opting instead for the word Parent with your own space to customize “what you know me as,” making it perfect for any family unit.

In addition to the original book, Little Pickle Memories also has milestone cards, gift sets, greeting cards, and journals for same-sex families, single parents, and adoptive families as well. 


Instagram: @lockwoodshop

Shop: Lockwood Shop

Mackenzi Farquer, Lockwood’s owner, met her wife at a trade show while buying for her shop. And there was a lot of buying to do: Lockwood has a little bit of everything.

Think of it as a gift shop for anything you could need in your home, from fun housewares like mushroom sponges and bath and body goods to baby gear, toys, and books, along with a fully-loaded toy chest that Lockwood will curate with whatever will get your little one excited.

Just fill out a short questionnaire that includes your kid’s age, what they’re into, and what gender they identify as, and the company will fill the box with the best goodies!

Bazzle Baby

Instagram: @bazzlebaby

Shop: Bazzle Baby

The brainchild of a mom who wanted a stylish way to deal with her baby’s drooling, Bazzle Baby’s flagship bandana bib was a soft and absorbent solution.

The newer versions are just as soft and drool-proof, but they also have built-in teethers to help soothe sore gums. Bazzle Baby is a proudly LGBTQAI-owned business whose founder is dedicated to celebrating and supporting all families, since “the best village comes from all shapes and forms.”

Gay Pride Apparel

Instagram: @gayprideapparel

Shop: Gay Pride Apparel

Founded by a pair of childhood best friends who eventually became a couple, Gay Pride Apparel offers shirts, flags, and stickers that denote allyship, identity, and other ways to show support to the LGBTAQIA+ community.

One of the biggest highlights in the lineup is the adorable kid’s shirt that proclaims, “I Love My 2 Dads.” 

Junebug and Darlin

Instagram: @junebuganddarlin

Shop: Junebug and Darlin

First of all, you can’t help but love this company’s adorable name. Once you get past the initial cuteness overload, this company, founded by self-described queer femme Zoe Frost will wow you with its quirky and fun cross-stitch kits.

The kits range in theme from Radical Feminist to Benevolent Gay Goddess, plus pronoun cross-stitch kits and fun zodiac kits, among others. Junebug and Darlin also offers selections where 100% of the proceeds are gifted to organizations like Planned Parenthood and Transgender Law Center. 

A Rainbow in Your Cloud

Instagram: @arainbowinyourcloud

Shop: Rainbow in Your Cloud

Founder Amina Mucciolo describes herself as a proud black autistic queer, and her art is designed to add a fun splash of color to any home. With great messages like I No Longer Fear the Unknown, this online shop features gorgeous, vibrant art in the form of prints, hoodies, tees, masks, and more. 


Instagram: @bokksu

Shop: Bokksu

LGBTQ-founded Bokksu delivers Japanese snacks right to your home. A great way to expand your family’s palate and introduce fun new flavors into your snacking lineup, Booksu lets you choose individual snacks like mochi puffs, teas, and traditional rice crackers.

Or you can subscribe to a monthly box that comes with 20-24 snacks and teas with fun themes like summer fruits, mochi, and tangy citrus. In addition to the snacks, each box comes with a booklet that contains information on the snacks, cultural trivia, and allergen info. 


Instagram: @palssocks

Shop: Pals Socks

What’s better than mismatched socks? Mismatched socks with a message!

This woman- and LGBTQ-owned brand’s ethically-sourced socks are the brainchild of founder and creative director Hannah Lavon, whose intent is to spread the idea that we don’t have to match in order to go together.

The adult and kid pairs include iconic duos like burgers and fries, sushi and soy sauce, and the always-delicious milk and cookies. 


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